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MRS THOMP­SON is happy to hoover up liv­ing la­dy­birds by the hun­dred, is she (Let­ters, March 1)? Will she—and her neigh­bours—be equally happy to spend time and money deal­ing with green­fly and black­fly in­fes­ta­tions in the gar­den come sum­mer, I won­der? So much bet­ter to sweep the la­dy­birds up gen­tly and re­home them, leav­ing Na­ture to do what she does best. Sue Thomas, Bris­tol

IN re­ply to your let­ter from Lin­colnshire, we too have had trou­ble with la­dy­birds swarm­ing our house. For the past cou­ple of years, they have gath­ered in the au­tumn around the head­ing of our cur­tains and win­dows. At night, they crawl over us—my hus­band even found one in his ear—and I’m sure that they bite.

I try to col­lect them in a box and take them to win­ter in the green­house to eat any aphids, but they dis­ap­pear and again we find them in the house. I used to like la­dy­birds, but now we re­gard them as pests. Janet Dawkins, Sur­rey

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