Spinach cake with mas­car­pone and pome­gran­ate seeds

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‘Healthy eaters are keen to squeeze their greens in wher­ever pos­si­ble, but for those who have more of a sweet tooth, I can’t think of a bet­ter way to en­joy spinach– with­out even know­ing you’re do­ing it–than with this tra­di­tional Turk­ish cake

Serves 4



500g baby spinach

120ml neu­tral-tast­ing veg­etable oil

Juice and zest of 1 lemon

3 eggs

1tspn vanilla-bean paste

300g caster sugar

250g self-rais­ing flour


500ml dou­ble cream

75g gran­u­lated sugar

500g mas­car­pone cheese

Half a tea­spoon vanilla bean paste

Hand­ful pome­gran­ate seeds


Pre­heat your oven to 180˚C/350˚f/gas mark 4 and pre­pare two 18cm by 28cm sand­wich tins with bak­ing pa­per and a light brushing of oil.

Wilt the spinach by putting it in a colan­der and pour­ing boil­ing wa­ter over it. Us­ing a food pro­ces­sor, purée this to a fine con­sis­tency with the oil, lemon juice and zest—it will take about 10 min­utes.

Beat the eggs, vanilla-bean paste and sugar to­gether in a large bowl un­til pale and fluffy, then pour in the spinach purée and mix well us­ing a spat­ula.

Add a pinch of salt to the flour and then fold it gen­tly through the cake mix­ture. Pour into the pre­pared tins and bake for 15–20 min­utes or un­til a skewer comes out clean. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

Pre­pare the ic­ing by whip­ping the cream un­til al­most stiff, then adding the sugar and fold­ing in the mas­car­pone and vanilla-bean paste. Spoon the ic­ing over one half of the sponge, spread­ing it evenly with a pal­ette knife. Put the se­cond cake layer on top and spoon more ic­ing over it, spread­ing it un­til smooth.

Scat­ter the pome­gran­ate seeds over the top and serve.

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