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Why two basins are the se­cret of mar­i­tal har­mony

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AFEW coun­try-house tra­di­tions ap­pear to have fallen by the way­side in the past decade or so: rau­cous games of Ib­ble Dib­ble fu­eled by flam­ing Sam­buca, for ex­am­ple, and cor­ri­dor creep­ing in the early hours—or at least not on school nights. Another is sleep­ing sep­a­rately from your spouse— long re­garded as the height of so­phis­ti­ca­tion, but of­ten symp­to­matic of noth­ing more glam­orous than a de­vi­ated sep­tum.

There are signs, too, that sep­a­rate bath­rooms might also soon be a thing of the past. ‘Bath­rooms are def­i­nitely be­com­ing big­ger, more com­mu­nal spa­ces, of­ten at the ex­pense of bed­rooms and dress­ing rooms,’ says James Len­taigne of Drum­monds bath­rooms.

More space cre­ates pos­si­bil­i­ties such as up­hol­stered fur­ni­ture and ca­pa­cious show­ers, in­clud­ing the racy op­tion of a pair of show­er­heads and a dou­ble en­clo­sure (although most are prob­a­bly spec­i­fied more in hope than as­pi­ra­tion).

More dis­creet—but ar­guably more use­ful—is a pair of basins (known in the trade as a dou­ble van­ity unit) for com­pan­ion­able side-by-side scrub­bing, floss­ing and do­ing what­ever it is that peo­ple do with cot­ton buds.

‘If space al­lows, a dou­ble van­ity is now firmly at the top of wish lists,’ says Mr Len­taigne, whose re­cently launched Thames de­sign in op­u­lent veiny mar­ble would lend a stately feel to any bath­time.

For a touch of Art Deco glam­our, con­sider the ex­ten­sive col­lec­tion cre­ated by de­signer Justin Van Breda (also avail­able at C.P. Hart). Nep­tune is another good source, with a num­ber of de­signs, in­clud­ing the multi-draw­ered Chich­ester. Handy for all those cot­ton buds.

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