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THE Strip Squeeze and Throwin is a most alluring term for a most alluring tech­nique. Con­sider this four-card end­ing: This is a two-part quiz. As de­clarer, how do you win three of the last four tricks (a) with Spades trumps and (b) in Notrumps?

With Spades trumps, you can suc­ceed with­out any form of squeeze. Exit with the King of Hearts to West’s Ace and await his re­turn with glee, know­ing that if he leads a Di­a­mond, your Queen will be pro­moted; if he leads a Heart, you have a ruff-and-dis­card—ruff­ing in one hand and dis­card­ing a Di­a­mond from the other.

In Notrumps, there is no ruf­fand-dis­card. The way to win three of the last four tricks is to lead the Ace of Spades and read the end­ing. If West throws a Di­a­mond, the Ace will fell his King. If he throws the Queen of Hearts, you can exit with the King of Hearts to his Ace and en­joy his Di­a­mond re­turn. A clever West might throw the Ace of Hearts, hop­ing his part­ner can win the Heart trick with the King —not here.

See if you can make Six Spades on the King of Hearts lead.

It ap­pears you have just 11 win­ners—seven Spades, Ace-king of Di­a­monds, Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs. But watch—if as well as his Heart guard, West also guards Clubs, he can be strip- squeezed. Win the King of Hearts lead with dummy’s Ace and all your Spades and Di­a­monds.

As you lead your last win­ner, West must re­duce to three cards, his last four cards likely be­ing Queen-ten of Hearts and King-ten of Clubs. If he bares his King of Clubs, a low Club to the Ace will fell his King and pro­mote your Queen.

West is likely to dis­card the ten of Hearts, but you now throw him in with a Heart, forc­ing him to lead from his King-ten of Clubs. You’ll run the lead to your Queen and score the last trick with dummy’s Ace. Slam made.

See if you can make Three Notrumps af­ter West has shown both ma­jors and leads the King of Spades.

You count eight top tricks and the ob­vi­ous chance for a ninth is a sec­ond Heart. How­ever, if you play an early Heart to the Queen, West will win and cash too many Spades.

Duck West’s King of Spades (you don’t have to) and win the Queen of Spades con­tin­u­a­tion, so that you have a third Spade exit card. Now, cash four Di­a­monds. West can throw two Hearts, but must then throw a Club—let go a Spade and you can af­ford to give up a Heart as West has in­suf­fi­cient Spade win­ners to cash.

You now cash the Ace-king of Clubs, re­mov­ing both of West’s re­main­ing Clubs. Then, you throw him in with the third Spade. Let West win the Knave and cash his two long Spades, for a trick 12, he must lead from his King-ten of Hearts round to your Ace-queen. Game made.

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