The key play­ers

Country Life Every Week - - Seasonal Arrangement: Spring -


De facto leader. Ter­ri­bly ma­ture and re­spon­si­ble, verg­ing on pa­tro­n­is­ing at times. Al­ways has some­thing clever to say to si­lence the vil­lains


Re­source­ful, like­able and laid­back. Suf­fers from per­pet­ual hunger and prob­a­bly eats the most


Brave, bol­shy, hon­est and boy­ish (won’t an­swer to Ge­orgina). Bly­ton ad­mit­ted to her agent that she based Ge­orge on her­self


The baby of the group. Prone to play­ing with dolls, keep­ing house and cry­ing, but wields con­sid­er­able do­mes­tic power


In char­ac­ter, a bor­der col­lie, but ac­tu­ally a large brown mon­grel found as a stray puppy by Ge­orge. Can sniff out a bad hat at sev­eral hun­dred yards. Un­canny abil­ity to know ex­actly what’s be­ing said, in­ter­ject­ing a ‘Woof!’ when nec­es­sary

Un­cle Quentin

Ge­orge’s mad-sci­en­tist fa­ther, who has an un­for­tu­nate propen­sity for be­ing kid­napped. Iras­ci­ble and un­pre­dictable, prob­a­bly as a re­sult of all the be­ing stuffed away in­doors on Top Se­cret Work rather than healthy bathing and cy­cling


Plen­ti­ful and de­li­cious, of­ten pro­cured from a jolly farmer’s wife. Al­ways tastes bet­ter out­doors and ac­com­pa­nied by gin­ger beer—it was Bly­ton’s daugh­ter Gil­lian’s favourite drink. Poor food de­notes poor char­ac­ter (for ex­am­ple, Mrs Stick’s stale sand­wiches)

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