Ten things you ought to know about Nor­folk

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❍ The 2nd Vis­count Town­shend was an in­flu­en­tial Whig politi­cian, but he earned his fa­mous moniker ‘Turnip Town­shend’ for his four-crop ro­ta­tion of wheat, clover, bar­ley and, of course, turnips. As a re­sult, he played a ma­jor part in the Agri­cul­tural Rev­o­lu­tion. In 2009, lo­cals ob­ject­ing to the se­lec­tion of Liz Truss as the Tory can­di­date were nick­named ‘Turnip Tal­iban’

❍ Leg­end states Boudicca took re­venge when the Ro­mans plun­dered parts of Nor­folk be­long­ing to the Iceni tribe of which her hus­band was chief. Cas­sius Dio de­scribes her as ‘very tall, in ap­pear­ance most terrifying… [with] a harsh voice, and with a great mass of the tawni­est hair [which] fell to her hips’

❍ In 2013, the mag­nif­i­cent art col­lec­tion of Sir Robert Walpole, which was sold to Cather­ine the Great to adorn the Her­mitage, re­turned to its orig­i­nal home at Houghton Hall, which had been de­signed for the paint­ings by Wil­liam Kent (01485 528569; www.houghton­hall.com)

❍ Orig­i­nat­ing in Saxon times as a re­sult of peat ex­trac­tion, the Broads were re­named in 2015 as the Broads Na­tional Park

❍ Bea­con Hill near West Run­ton is the high­est point of the county at 338ft above sea level

❍ Nor­folk comes from Nord­folc, land of the north peo­ple, also known as the East An­gles

❍ More than 20% of em­ploy­ment lies in agri­cul­ture and the food in­dus­tries, the main crops be­ing sugar beet, bar­ley (for brew­ing), wheat and oil-seed rape

❍ The com­mon poppy was des­ig­nated county flower in Plantlife’s 2002 cam­paign

❍ Ad­mi­ral Lord Nel­son, writer Ed­ward Bul­wer-lyt­ton, nov­el­ist Diana Athill, singer­song­writer James Blunt, cricket com­men­ta­tor Henry Blofeld, ar­chae­ol­o­gist Howard Carter and in­ven­tor Sir James Dyson were all ei­ther born or grew up in the county

❍ Now set in 20,000 acres, San­dring­ham was bought by the Royal Fam­ily in 1862 and Ge­orge Vl, who died there, said: ‘I have al­ways been happy here and I love the place.’ The house was opened to the pub­lic in 1977 (01485 545408; www.san­dring­hames­tate.co.uk)

❍ Robert Hales (1820–63), who grew to 7ft 8in, is buried in West Somer­ton

❍ Nor­folk has 659 me­dieval churches, the high­est con­cen­tra­tion in the world, and the most with round tow­ers in the coun­try at 125 (http://nor­folkchurches trust.org.uk)

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