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I’m a brides­maid and the bride has cho­sen the most hideous dress. Is it ever okay to say some­thing or sub­tly sug­gest an al­ter­na­tive?

Sorry, I’m con­fused. Is this most hideous dress her own bridal gown or the one that she’s re­quir­ing you, her brides­maid, to wear? Ac­tu­ally, the ques­tion is aca­demic. If the for­mer, then she has been men­tally de­sign­ing this lit­tle num­ber ever since she was five. It’s what—gawd help her— she wants.

I mean, one could nudge the con­ver­sa­tion to­wards, say, the Mid­dle­ton sis­ters, who give great wed­ding ad­vice. Al­lude, glanc­ingly, to Grace Kelly. Take a photo at the fit­tings, by all means, show it to her and she may see sense. Any­thing more, be it ever so sub­tle, will tor­pedo the friend­ship—she’s a gun­pow­der keg of nerves as it is.

If she’s ask­ing you, her brides­maid, to wear this most hideous dress, then sorry, chum, but you should have read the small print on your con­tract. The func­tion of a brides­maid is to make the bride look bet­ter by con­trast—she has thor­oughly grasped that point.

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