Crazy about car­rots

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IWOULDN’T have un­der­stood the re­cent Tot­ter­ing (April 19) if we didn’t have our youngest labrador, Daisy. Not one of our pre­vi­ous dogs has shown the least bit of in­ter­est in car­rots, but Daisy would kill for any veg­etable, car­rots be­ing her favourite food in the world—my daugh­ter says she’s tak­ing her five a day very se­ri­ously. Our other labrador will eat car­rots, but very re­luc­tantly, as if to say ‘well, she’s eat­ing them, so I will too, but I’m not re­ally sure why’. My daugh­ter has or­dered me a framed copy of the strip. Pat Poole, by email

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