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TOWN MOUSE’S en­counter with a macaw (May 17) brought to mind my own in the late 1970s. Ac­com­pa­ny­ing my hus­band on a work trip, we stayed in Bour­ton-on­the-water in Glouces­ter­shire and vis­ited the bird gar­den there. Just in­side the en­trance, we were much taken by a macaw and stopped to ad­mire it.

I was wear­ing a new coat I had re­cently made and the bird was at­tracted not by our at­tempts to get it to talk, but by the gold trim on the red but­tons. It stretched for­ward and neatly de­tached one, which it pro­ceeded to chew, re­ject­ing it as ined­i­ble once it had de­stroyed the shank.

An­noyed that I hadn’t thought to pur­chase a spare, I was in Chel­tenham the fol­low­ing day and was most sur­prised to find an ex­act copy in a bas­ket of odd­ments at a hab­er­dash­ery— a truly serendip­i­tous mo­ment. Vera John­son, by email

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