How to brush your hair

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Long be­fore there were chem­i­cal prod­ucts avail­able to make hair shiny, it was known that us­ing a pure-bris­tle brush would have the same ef­fect, ex­plains Mr Cosby. This is where the ‘100 strokes a night’ rule came from—the tex­ture of bris­tle (it looks as if it’s made of fish scales un­der a mi­cro­scope) en­ables it to dis­trib­ute the nat­u­ral oil in the scalp (se­bum) along the hairs.

Start with the ends, says Mr Pear­son, as if you were brush­ing a horse’s tail—if you start from the top, the hairs will snag. Then, go three or four inches up, ‘stroking the brush through, work­ing the oil along the length of the hair’. ‘You need to do it thor­oughly,’ he con­tin­ues. ‘It could be 10 strokes or even 50, but it doesn’t need to be 100—al­though, if you can siton your hair…’

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