Thong­weed Phaeo­phyta

(Hi­man­thalia elon­gata)

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Al­though this species is also known as ‘sea spaghetti’, I pre­fer thong­weed be­cause it brings those sea nymphs to mind. Thong­weed forms dense pop­u­la­tions that look like very coarse hair draped over the rocks at low tide. The long fronds are branched and 61 ⁄2ft long. They grow from mush­room-shaped struc­tures of about 1in in di­am­e­ter that are at­tached to the rocks. These ‘mush­rooms’ are very of­ten found on their own, caus­ing con­fu­sion to those new to phy­col­ogy. Thong­weed is ed­i­ble.

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