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Res­i­dent agony un­cle Kit Hes­keth-har­vey solves your dilem­mas Here comes the next bride Q Hav­ing al­ready ac­cepted an in­vi­ta­tion to a friend’s wed­ding, it now emerges that my un­cle is to be mar­ried (for the third time) on the same day. Do fam­ily take prece­dence or is it a case of first come, first served? I would hate to dis­ap­point any­one, but the two events are miles apart.

A. H., Lan­cashire A Now, come on—hav­ing ac­cepted an in­vi­ta­tion, it is never, ever ac­cept­able to chuck it for another. As for a third mar­riage, of course, some­times things don’t work out, but whereas to lose one wife may be re­garded as mis­for­tune, to lose two does look like care­less­ness. He’s clearly keen on the the­ory, but might need to put his shoul­der more to the prac­tice.

Had they been in neigh­bour­ing parishes, I would not even try to at­tend both. For bet­ter, for worse, a mod­ern wed­ding is an all-day event. (Actually, no ques­tion: worse.) Don’t worry about your un­cle —he will so re­joice that he is blessed with a well­brought up fam­ily that, for richer, for poorer, you’ll still be in the will. If there’s any­thing left, that is, af­ter al­imony.

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