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IESCAPED this week from the fry­ing pan of London for—what proved to be—the fire of Dublin. It’s a city I as­so­ciate more with show­ers than sun­shine, but, this week, it broiled un­fa­mil­iarly in the heat. Dur­ing the day, tourists and com­muters hud­dled on the shady side of the street. At night, I threw open my win­dow to keep my bed­room cool and was re­galed with the con­tin­u­ous sound of build­ing. The only con­so­la­tion as I lay awake lis­ten­ing to pneu­matic drills and roar­ing me­chan­i­cal dig­gers was that Ire­land is clearly re­viv­ing from its eco­nomic dol­drums.

My open win­dow also in­tro­duced me very un­ex­pect­edly to a cat. Leav­ing my room one morn­ing, I tried to close the sash. For some rea­son, it was jammed and it sim­ply wouldn’t shut de­spite a hefty shove. Look­ing up, I saw the prob­lem: a cat perched be­tween the frame and the win­dow, I pre­sume cool­ing it­self in the pass­ing breeze. As I stood back in amaze­ment, it leapt down into the room.

De­lighted, ap­par­ently, by hu­man com­pany, it brushed it­self warmly against my leg and purred for a short while. Un­cer­tain what to do next, I opened the door and it raced out of my room as mys­te­ri­ously as it had ap­peared. JG

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