Oh, the agony!

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Res­i­dent agony un­cle Kit Hes­keth-har­vey solves your dilem­mas

If you can’t beat ’em

QThe be­hav­iour of my friend’s chil­dren is get­ting out of hand. How far should the lit­tle to­er­ags be al­lowed to go be­fore it’s ac­cept­able for me to step in?

S. D., West Loth­ian

AThis is a tricky one in­deed. Put sim­ply, you can’t tell her and you most cer­tainly can’t tell them. That isn’t to say that you can’t take ac­tion, it merely re­quires a lit­tle cre­ativ­ity.

My sug­ges­tion would be for you to join in with their an­tics, with much en­thu­si­asm. The sight of a grown man or woman pulling hair, throw­ing cabbage, pound­ing their fists on the ground and tor­ment­ing in­no­cent ger­bils is sober­ing, even to an in­fant Visig­oth.

If all else fails, try vom­it­ing over them in the back of their car. That should do it.

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