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THE days of the hand­writ­ten shooting in­vi­ta­tion are, sadly, a thing of the past. Al­though the shooting world hasn’t quite been re­duced to some of the grub­bier forms of so­cial me­dia, most of my few in­vi­ta­tions ar­rive by phone or email. When re­ply­ing, be aware that this is a sig­nif­i­cant in­vi­ta­tion that’s cost­ing your host more than any­thing else they’ll ever ask you to, thus, a speedy re­sponse is of the essence.

Please don’t re­ply ask­ing ‘who else is in the party’ or ‘how many car­tridges will I need?’. In case of doubt over whether it’s double guns, you can al­ways se­crete a sec­ond gun in your car just in case. If it’s spot­ted, just ut­ter ‘I never leave home with­out a spare’. Al­ways be sure to take sin­gle gun­slips, too —us­ing one half of a double is frowned upon.

It’s also im­per­a­tive to take a present and I mean a proper present. Ide­ally, the bag should have Purdey or Her­mès on it, even if it’s only an ash­tray. Per­ma­nent re­minders of grat­i­tude are al­ways grate­fully ac­cepted.

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