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Leek-and-pancetta meat­loaf

(be­low) Cut a leek into thin rib­bons and fry with a lit­tle olive oil. Add sea­son­ing, a ta­ble­spoon of whole­grain mus­tard, a squeeze of ketchup, 500g of minced beef, a hand­ful of fresh bread­crumbs and a beaten egg. Mix well. Pre­pare a loaf tin with lay­ers of pancetta across the base and up the sides, then press the mince into the tin. Fold the pancetta over the top to seal and cook in a hot oven for 35–40 min­utes. Serve slices of the loaf with mashed pota­toes and gravy.

Leek, spinach and pesto frit­tata

Cut a leek into thin rib­bons and fry with a lit­tle but­ter. When soft, add 2 large hand­fuls of fresh spinach and stir un­til wilted. Sea­son well, add fresh basil leaves and pour in 6 beaten eggs. Loosen some pesto with olive oil and driz­zle it over them. Cook over a medium heat un­til set un­der­neath, but still wob­bly on top, then scat­ter with grated Ched­dar and Parme­san. Cook the top un­der a grill and serve with green salad.

Smoked-had­dock and leek tartines

Poach smoked had­dock (undyed) in milk with a bayleaf and pep­per­corns. Re­serve the milk and flake the fish into a bowl. Fry rib­bons of leeks with but­ter and, once soft, sprin­kle with a lit­tle flour. Fry for a few min­utes and add the re­served milk, then sim­mer to thicken. Add a lit­tle mus­tard pow­der and fold through the fish flakes. Toast some bread and spoon the creamy fish and leeks over it.

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