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Semi-ripe cut­tings are another good way to create ‘free’ plants for your­self and friends or to sell at fundrais­ing plant fairs. Fuch­sias, salvias, pelargo­ni­ums and pen­ste­mons can all be prop­a­gated like this now. Se­lect non-flow­er­ing shoots, as th­ese will root more quickly – they need to be firm at the base and still soft at the top – and drop them into a plas­tic bag while gath­er­ing. To pot up, trim them to about 10cm long, cut­ting the base be­low a leaf node and re­mov­ing the side leaves and soft grow­ing tip. Push them around the sides of a pot filled with freedrain­ing pot­ting com­post mixed with alpine grit or Per­lite and place in a warm, light spot out of di­rect sun­light. Keep the pot cov­ered with a plas­tic bag un­til the cut­tings root.

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