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Bowhayes Trees of­fer vig­or­ous grow­ing, hardy trees for wind­breaks, screens and cop­pic­ing

Look­ing for a fast- grow­ing hedg­ing op­tion for your smallholding, which will give you good shel­ter for live­stock, crops or build­ings with wildlife in­ter­est? Or per­haps you’re look­ing to grow your own fuel?

Bowhayes Trees is a spe­cial­ist nurs­ery offering hy­brid wil­lows and poplars as well as a wide va­ri­ety of na­tive trees and hedg­ing.

The wil­lows will reach up to 7m in height af­ter four grow­ing sea­sons and main­tain this height whilst throw­ing up new shoots from the base. Our poplars grow at ap­prox­i­mately 2m per year to pro­duce large hand­some trees with a stout trunk. They make ex­cel­lent high screens and wind­breaks.

Short ro­ta­tion cop­pice (SRC)

Sus­tain­ably man­aged SRC pro­vides a source of re­new­able en­ergy with vir­tu­ally no net car­bon emis­sions, in ad­di­tion to keep­ing your fuel costs low.

Bowhayes hy­brid wil­low is an ideal con­tender for SRC as it cop­pices well and can be used as ei­ther logs for a log burner or chipped for biomass boiler. First har­vest 4- 6 years from plant­ing Trunks be­tween 8-10cm di­am­e­ter Ap­prox­i­mately 3- 8 tons of logs per year per acre, once es­tab­lished Av­er­age home burns 5 tons / year Our wil­low and po­plar are both avail­able as cut­tings or bare root trees.

Prices start at £35 for 100 plants.

Bare root trees and hedg­ing

We also sup­ply a large va­ri­ety of ev­er­green and na­tive hedg­ing and trees of var­i­ous sizes.

Please get in touch to dis­cuss your re­quire­ments or if you would like ad­vice on plant­ing schemes. MORE: 01404 812229

From 30cm cut­tings, th­ese trees grow to 3m

af­ter just 18 months

A log pile from 10 trees af­ter four years growth (note the re­growth on the har­vested

stools be­hind)

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