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QWe are new to cat­tle and I have a ques­tion. We have just bought three to start with: a 12-month heifer, a six­month heifer, and a six-month bull. They have no pa­pers that we know of. How can I go about reg­is­ter­ing them?


Deb­bie Kings­ley says: Only the breeder of live­stock is able to reg­is­ter their an­i­mals, if they come from reg­is­tered par­ents and meet the breed stan­dard. In ad­di­tion, you need to be a mem­ber of the ap­pro­pri­ate breed so­ci­ety to reg­is­ter your an­i­mals, and in some case, the an­i­mals in ques­tion have to be in­spected by so­ci­ety rep­re­sen­ta­tives (of­ten two or three so­ci­ety in­spec­tors work­ing to­gether), although this re­quire­ment varies hugely from so­ci­ety to so­ci­ety. Some so­ci­eties in­sist on in­spect­ing males and fe­males, some males only, oth­ers rely on the mem­ber reg­is­ter­ing those of their an­i­mals that meet the breed stan­dard and whose par­ents are reg­is­tered stock. So if the breeder of your cat­tle is not will­ing or able to reg­is­ter your stock, they can­not be reg­is­tered (and are there­fore not de­scrib­able as be­ing pedi­gree). The breeder may not be able to reg­is­ter the stock if the par­ents of your cat­tle are not them­selves reg­is­tered, if the breeder is not a mem­ber of the breed so­ci­ety, or if they sold the an­i­mals as meat or pet qual­ity.

Only the breeder of live­stock is able to reg­is­ter their an­i­mals

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