Keep­ing the bal­ance

Country Smallholding - - Tim’s Tips -

A well-man­aged small­hold­ing ex­ists in a state of equi­lib­rium, where var­i­ous en­ter­prises and ac­tiv­i­ties sup­port and com­ple­ment one an­other to en­sure that har­mony is main­tained. How­ever, there’s also an on­go­ing process of evo­lu­tion as new projects are in­tro­duced and im­prove­ments are made to ex­ist­ing ven­tures. Just be aware that if you make changes in one area you’ll prob­a­bly also have to make ad­just­ments else­where in or­der to pre­serve the bal­ance. It’s not al­ways easy to pre­dict the ef­fects of change, nor are the sub­tle link­ages be­tween your dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­i­ties nec­es­sar­ily ob­vi­ous, so do keep records of what you’re do­ing on the small­hold­ing on a daily ba­sis and reg­u­larly mon­i­tor the per­for­mance of your crops and live­stock.

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