Country Smallholding - - A Look At Machinery -

If your soil has never been tilled be­fore or if you’re plan­ning to start reusing an area that hasn’t been planted for some time, the fol­low­ing tips will help you get started: • Pre­pare the ground first – if you’re re­claim­ing land that is heav­ily im­pacted or over­grown with weeds, you’ll need to pre­pare the ground be­fore till­ing. • Start slowly – go­ing to fast on land that hasn’t re­cently been tilled can re­sult in a poor fin­ish. Too fast and the tiller won’t grind the soil prop­erly, es­pe­cially when deal­ing with large clods and com­pacted ground. • Don’t go too deep – sim­i­larly try­ing to turn over large amounts of soil that hasn’t been tilled be­fore can put too much strain on the ro­tary shaft and cause dam­age. Re­mem­ber it’s a ro­tary tiller, not a plough! • Go over sev­eral times – build up grad­u­ally by go­ing over the land sev­eral times and then ad­just the depth if you re­quire a deeper till. For a veg­etable plot, 9cm – 15cm (4 - 6 inches) is gen­er­ally deep enough. • Make sure you over­lap – check that you are over­lap­ping with the previous strip you’ve tilled so you don’t miss any ar­eas.

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