Eggshell colour

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QDoes the strength of the colour of an eggshell give an in­di­ca­tion of the qual­ity of the bird colour­ing of eggs in, for ex­am­ple, Wel­sum­mers or Marans, is most vis­i­ble at the be­gin­ning of the lay­ing sea­son. How­ever, as the hen lays more and more eggs dur­ing the sea­son, her abil­ity to colour them so in­tensely di­min­ishes. Think of the process be­ing sim­i­lar to an inkjet printer - the start of the sea­son be­ing a new car­tridge that slowly runs down over the year. A hen lay­ing strong solid brown eggs in Septem­ber is a hen that hasn’t been lay­ing many eggs (or us­ing her inkjet printer much).

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