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QCan you vac­ci­nate grow­ers with Para­cox vac­cine? I am slowly los­ing my grow­ers one by one with coc­cid­io­sis and don’t know how to stop it. They are on med­i­cated pel­lets and am­pro­lium in wa­ter, but I am still los­ing them.


Sorry, the short an­swer is no. Para­cox vac­cine must be ad­min­is­tered be­tween one and nine days of age and is life­long. What will help for fu­ture breed­ing and rear­ing is to use an oocide (coc­cidia egg killer) and com­pletely clean all of the grower ar­eas with that prod­uct. You are on a los­ing bat­tle oth­er­wise as they are re-in­fect­ing them­selves and other dis­in­fec­tants are not ef­fec­tive against these very tough and suc­cess­ful oocysts. In any case, all chicks se­verely in­fected with coc­cid­io­sis are un­likely to grow and thrive, so you may need to cull the whole batch or they may do it for you. Coc­cid­io­sis is a hor­ri­ble and gen­er­ally fa­tal dis­ease but can be pre­vented. I hope you were us­ing med­i­cated feed from day­old to build up im­mu­nity, but a strong chal­lenge can over­come med­i­ca­tion. Re­mem­ber that if you do use Para­cox in fu­ture that you use non-med­i­cated feed and keep the chicks on lit­ter, not wire, this al­lows the vac­cine to cir­cu­late to max­i­mum ef­fi­ciency.

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