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QI have a five­week-old Pekin duck in good body con­di­tion and bright, but lame. Its two sib­lings are fine and seem to have thicker leg bones. It was all right un­til last week and can now only walk a few, halt­ing steps (with en­cour­age­ment) be­fore fall­ing for­ward onto out­stretched wings.


I pre­sume these duck­lings are out­side on grass now. Around this age is a clas­sic time for giz­zard worm to in­fect and at­tack water­fowl, so do please ad­min­is­ter Fluben­vet im­me­di­ately. When rear­ing ducks or chick­ens, Fluben­vet should al­ways be in your medicine cup­board as quick ac­tion is very im­por­tant, es­pe­cially at the first signs of lame­ness. If given early (to all the flock), the duck should make a full re­cov­ery. If there is a de­lay of even a few days, the duck is likely to die. Fluben­vet pow­der can be put on the feed for seven days; add a lit­tle veg­etable oil to the grower pel­lets to stick the pow­der. Wait­ing un­til the in­feed mix ar­rives may be too late and, if the med­i­cated feed is ob­tained and then kept for fu­ture use, it will go out of date, not re­tain its nu­tri­tional val­ues and could go mouldy which is toxic.

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