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Chem­i­cals doesn’t only mean the stuff you use on your crops, but also sub­stances such as paints and wood pre­servers, petrol and oil, and medicines and treat­ments for any live­stock. In­sec­ti­cides, her­bi­cides and fungi­cides are ef­fec­tive, but they can harm wildlife. Even slug pel­lets can be fa­tal to hedge­hogs, birds and dogs, so try to keep chem­i­cal use to a minimum.

Keep all chem­i­cals where vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple can’t ac­cess them, prefer­ably un­der lock and key. Never de­cant into another con­tainer and mon­i­tor closely for leaks and spillages. Follow the di­rec­tions for use ex­actly. All chem­i­cals and other prod­ucts used to con­trol pests, dis­eases and weeds are cur­rently strictly leg­is­lated un­der EU law. Post- Brexit rules are un­likely to be more le­nient.

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