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QIn my first hatch of 2018, I have a three-week old chick that has one leg which is not right. Last week I no­ticed one foot was point­ing to the side, the chick was wob­bly and then some­times the foot faces back­wards! I’ve heard of the Achilles’ ten­don slip­ping, but didn’t think whole foot would ro­tate back­wards with this.

VR SAYS: If you have been giv­ing your breed­ing stock a breeder ra­tion for six weeks be­fore set­ting the eggs then this chick has caught its leg in some­thing and pos­si­bly dis­lo­cated the hip or have weak lig­a­ments; the prog­no­sis is poor. If you have been us­ing only lay­ers pel­lets for breed­ing, the nu­tri­tion is not re­ally good enough to give chicks strong ten­dons and lig­a­ments, so it may be the type of ra­tion at fault. I pre­sume you are us­ing good qual­ity chick crumbs which are in date. If you have bought crumbs in a small bag that has no la­bel on, this is il­le­gal as the use-by date is vi­tal to re­tain the qual­ity of nu­tri­tion (and any chem­i­cals con­tained in the ra­tion no­tated). Pur­chase your feed at a store that has la­bels on all sizes of feed bags, whether de­canted from larger ones or not.

A healthy young chick

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