The Se­bastopol goose

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The Se­bastopol, de­scended from the Euro­pean gray­lag, was first ex­hib­ited in Eng­land in 1860. It is a medium-sized goose with long, white curly feath­ers. The feath­ers of the neck are smooth and some­times grey­ish brown. Crosses have pro­duced all- gray, buff, and sad­dle back vari­ants. Feath­ers on the breast may be curly (friz­zle) or smooth. The gan­der weighs 12-14 lbs while the goose weighs 10-12 lbs. The legs and shanks are orange and the eyes bright blue. On av­er­age, fe­males pro­duce 25-35 eggs per year. Though do­mes­ti­cated breeds of geese gen­er­ally re­tain some flight abil­ity, Se­bastopols can­not fly well due to the curli­ness of their feath­ers and have difficulty get­ting off the ground. They need plenty of wa­ter to keep them­selves clean, and to clean their si­nuses (as do all wa­ter­fowl).

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