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Be­fore I moved to the coun­try­side, I had a bit of a pho­bia of ear­wigs. I know I’m not alone. The name doesn’t help, nor does the fact that there was once a film about an ear­wig lay­ing its eggs in a man’s brain (this isn’t pos­si­ble, by the way). Then there was that time I woke up to find one crawl­ing up my arm…

Any­way, since liv­ing in the coun­try­side and spend­ing a lot more of my time out­side in close vicin­ity to bugs of all dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties, I have made peace with the ear­wig. Truth be told, I ac­tu­ally rather like them now. They are ef­fi­cient lit­tle preda­tors to have about. They pick off aphids and other po­ten­tial pests when they come out to hunt at night.

Just watch your sweet­corn come har­vest time, how­ever, as they also love the de­li­cious fresh cobs and will move on in un­less you pay at­ten­tion and har­vest them when ready. A good ex­cuse, if ever I heard one, to keep eat­ing more sweet­corn as soon as it’s ripe and ready.

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