Try to make time for some sea fish­ing

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Dur­ing any warm sum­mer try to make time for a trip to the sea­side to stock up on fish. It makes a pleas­ant change from the small­holder’s usual diet of pork and mut­ton.

Mack­erel is the sum­mer hol­i­day fish of choice in many ar­eas. They are easy to catch on a sim­ple lure and if you lo­cate a shoal you will quickly land as many as you need to fill the freezer.

On rocky coast­lines fish­ing from the shore with a cast­ing rod can be very suc­cess­ful, but for the best re­sults you will need a boat. A kayak is ideal as it is eas­ily trans­portable on the roof of an or­di­nary car. We built our own, but you can pick them up sec­ond hand very cheaply.

One of the nice things about mack­erel is that they re­quire so lit­tle prepa­ra­tion prior to freez­ing. Sim­ply cut off the tail, open up the belly from the vent to the head and then cut around just be­hind the fins. Give the head a twist and pull it off and the guts will come with it.

Other fish that you may catch on the same lures in­clude pol­lack and co­ley, which are not dis­sim­i­lar to cod.

Build­ing a kayak. They are ideal for fish­ing on rocky coast­lines

Han­d­lines for mack­erel fish­ing from a boat

A good catch of mack­erel, ready for the freezer

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