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QI want to free range my flock, but there are oc­ca­sions when I need to get them back in their run be­fore the end of the day. Do you have any ad­vice on how I can do this as it is cur­rently like try­ing to herd cats? ANDY SAYS:

I can fully em­pathise with your dilemma as I too have times when putting a flock back into the se­cu­rity of their own run is needed. It is, how­ever, very easy to do by train­ing your chick­ens. My flock re­sponds to me ap­pear­ing with a bucket of scratch feed and they will im­me­di­ately gather around my feet. All I do is make sure I only scat­ter the scratch feed in their run. That way the birds go in­side no mat­ter what time of day it is and I can se­curely close the door be­hind them.

Flocks can re­spond to a bucket and can be trained to re­turn to their pen

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