Cock­erel shows signs of a tu­mour

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Q My best breed­ing cock­erel has sud­denly de­vel­oped a hunched up ap­pear­ance. He has also been hav­ing trou­ble reach­ing the floor to eat, but if the food was raised he was ea­ger to eat and drink. He has been wob­bly when first stand­ing up, but once he was sta­ble on his feet he was able to walk around with no issues. He has been able to jump onto higher perches in the hous­ing, but re­cently be­gan stag­ger­ing when walk­ing and has had episodes of sus­pected seizures when he was froth­ing at his beak. How­ever, he is still eat­ing and drink­ing and is now able to reach the floor to eat. Our 20 other birds are show­ing no signs of ill­ness.


Chick­ens can de­velop tu­mours any­where and it sounds as though your cock­erel has a prob­lem in his brain. It may be best to get him eu­thanised if he be­comes un­able to live a nor­mal life, plus get him post­mortemed to find out what the prob­lem was.

Even the most healthy birds can de­velop a tu­mour at any time

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