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The ex­perts at Vigo presses pro­vide some fur­ther fan­tas­tic fruit for thought. Although ap­ples are the tra­di­tional fruit for cider and are used to make the main base of this bev­er­age, the flavour­ings of other fruits can be added to ad­just the end re­sult ac­cord­ingly.


If you want to stick to tra­di­tional cider, the va­ri­ety of ap­ples you choose al­lows you to change the over­all taste. The key is to have the per­fect bal­ance of acid­ity, sweet­ness and slight bit­ter­ness. Dif­fer­ent mixes of ap­ples are go­ing to give dif­fer­ent flavoured ciders, which is why it is im­por­tant to take note of the pro­por­tions you are us­ing. As there is no way of know­ing the out­come in ad­vance, this will help you to ad­just your recipe in the fu­ture.


Perry is the equiv­a­lent of ap­ple cider. You just re­place the ap­ples with the same weight of pears. It is good to know that ripe pears are ac­tu­ally much eas­ier to pulp than ap­ples. This tip­ple dif­fers from ap­ple cider in its taste and it tends to be more del­i­cate in flavour and some­what sweeter. Some peo­ple also com­ment that it has a citrus and trop­i­cal fruit as­pect.


If you want to ven­ture be­yond tra­di­tional cider in­gre­di­ents then adding dif­fer­ent fruits can be a great way of cus­tomis­ing the taste to suit your pref­er­ences. Berries are a pop­u­lar choice. For ex­am­ple, adding straw­ber­ries with a squeeze of lime is said to be the per­fect ad­di­tion for a sum­mer bar­be­cue. To do this, add the straw­ber­ries whole into the fer­menter along with the ap­ples. If you want to add limes as well, peel them and cut into quar­ters be­fore adding and then fin­ish as you would nor­mal cider.


This is an­other pop­u­lar com­bi­na­tion, as adding el­der­flower gives the drink a lemony and fresh aroma.

Ul­ti­mately, when mak­ing cider, any fruit can be added to the ap­ples or pears to change the fin­ished prod­uct.

It is all about testing and chang­ing the pro­por­tions in or­der to find the right mix­ture for you.

Some­thing to note, though, is that adding sweet­ness to your drink can make it more al­co­holic, and so fruits with more nat­u­ral sugar will con­trib­ute to this. Mak­ing cider is a lengthy process that takes time and pa­tience. Vigo Presses of­fers a range of prod­ucts de­signed to help make the per­fect cider. Vigo would love to see your fruity ciders. You can tweet it a picture @Vigo­Presses or tag it into your Face­book pho­tos.

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