Dutch study high­lights wil­low pref­er­ence

Country Smallholding - - November Report -

THE EU AGFORWARD project car­ried out a study on fod­der trees in Hol­land, grow­ing wil­low and alder. The trees were grown in a field and grazed by dairy cows ev­ery other day and the re­searchers watched which trees were eaten and how much. Wil­low was pre­ferred, but not all wil­low cul­ti­vars were suit­able as the faster grow­ing va­ri­eties grew too quickly and the shoots be­came thick at brows­ing height. The best va­ri­eties were those with a wider tree shape. An an­nual har­vest of biomass pro­moted the de­vel­op­ment of mul­ti­ple palat­able shoots. The leaves were found to have good nu­tri­tional value with higher pro­tein, macroand mi­cro- el­e­ment lev­els than grass, plus the lev­els of zinc, man­ganese and iron were high. ( Visit www. agforward.eu/in­dex. php/en/fod­der-trees-for- cat­tle-and- goats-in-the-nether­lands. html)

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