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Since man first opted for life on two legs, the hum­ble stick has helped walk­ers walk. And not just walk, but cross rivers, clear net­tle-choked paths, test the depth of pud­dles, power up­hill and down, and ward off raven­ing wild an­i­mals. Used by every­one from Moses to Charlie Chap­lin the hum­ble stick now comes in an ex­tra­or­di­nary ar­ray of vari­a­tions, from in­tri­cately carved staffs to mod­ern car­bon­fi­fi­bre walk­ing poles, and here are a few of the most in­trigu­ing. Be­fore you know it you’ll be a rabol­o­gist – a col­lec­tor of walk­ing sticks. Shoot­ing stick Mag­i­cally folds out into a seat, ideal for rest­ing to look at those views. Tip­pling stick Also known as flflask canes and brandy smug­glers, these sticks are hol­lowed out to hold small flasks:

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