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No cloth­ing (with­out bat­ter­ies in it) is ac­tu­ally go­ing to cre­ate heat for you, so we’re re­liant on the chem­i­cal pro­cesses of our bod­ies to keep us warm. Key to that is en­ergy – which means food.

In win­ter you’ll burn far more calo­ries try­ing to gen­er­ate heat than you will in sum­mer, so you need to pack in a good bal­anced diet of com­plex car­bo­hy­drates, fat and pro­tein. Ce­re­als, rice, pota­toes, brown bread and fruit are all good carb sources to give a quick en­ergy boost. Pro­tein and fat help with a slower en­ergy re­lease and keep your me­tab­o­lism fir­ing to cre­ate heat.

Drink warm (not hot) drinks. A study in 2012 sug­gested that in­gest­ing a hot drink can trigger a sweat re­sponse, and the cool­ing ef­fect of that sweat can out­weigh any heat-en­ergy you get from the drink it­self. A warm drink will be less likely to trigger sweat­ing or trick your body core in to think­ing it’s warm.

Bear in mind that cold weather di­min­ishes your body’s thirst re­sponse, so you may feel like drink­ing less water in win­ter. But this is a big mis­take –

keep hy­drated so your body can fire on all cylin­ders and break down food into en­ergy.

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