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You find your­self in an is­sue of the mag­a­zine lit equally by the golden rays of au­tumn and the omi­nous creep of twi­light – the shim­mer of the coun­try­side at its ripest, and the shadow of hal­loween and win­ter, ad­vanc­ing across the sun­dial of the year and our lives. For some this is an oc­ca­sion for re­gret and fran­tic de­nial – fly south! Ap­ply emol­lients! Turn back time! But I think walk­ers have a more grown-up ap­pre­ci­a­tion of life’s light and nec­es­sary shade, its nu­ance, rich­ness and com­plex­ity, so beau­ti­fully en­cap­su­lated in au­tumn.

Be­cause to walk is to be at home with con­tra­dic­tion – it’s ef­fort­ful, yet plea­sur­able; it bom­bards with stim­u­la­tion and yet it re­laxes; it im­presses on you your in­signif­i­cance in the great scheme of things, and yet re­turns you home with a greater feel­ing of self-worth. Per­haps most of all, it con­vinces you plea­sure doesn’t al­ways present it­self in ad­ver­tiser-ap­proved pack­ages. It’s at least as nice dry­ing out as it is not get­ting wet in the first place; there’s as much joy in the farty squelch of a foot­step late in the walk as in the sun­set on the drive home. Just as, in fairy tales, there is as much to savour in the witches as the cot­tages made of cake, there’s as much to set your senses, soul and imag­i­na­tion a-tingle in au­tumn’s gloam­ing as its gold.

Guy Proc­ter, Ed­i­tor

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