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1) Which of the fol­low­ing is not a species of but­ter­fly? a) Griz­zled skip­per b) Pearl-bor­dered frit­il­lary c) Cau­li­flower white d) Swal­low­tail 2)What is the col­lec­tive noun for a group of toads? a) A croak b) A clump c) A stool d) A knot 3) What do badgers pre­dom­i­nantly eat? a) Earth­worms b) Hum­bugs c) Spi­ders d) Slugs 4) How long does a worker bee live in sum­mer? a) 4 days b) 14 days c) 40 days d) 90 days 5) What does the word ‘un­gu­late’ mean?

a) To move with a wave-like mo­tion b) To leave a slimy trail c) To yawn widely d) A hoofed mam­mal 6) What is Bri­tain’s small­est bird of prey? a) Red kite b) Spar­rowhawk c) Golden ea­gle d) Mer­lin

Can you iden­tify this well-known lo­ca­tion?

an­swers at bot­tom of op­po­site page 8) In which county would you find the Devil’s Beef Tub? a) Dum­fries and Gal­loway b) An­gus c) Es­sex d) Der­byshire 9) Which June-blos­som­ing flower is some­times known as wood­bine and goat’s leaf? a) Goat’s beard b) Rhodo­den­dron c) June Whit­field d) Honey­suckle 10) Which English town was Caster­bridge named af­ter in Thomas Hardy’s novel Mayor of Caster­bridge? a) Bridg­wa­ter b) Dorch­ester c) Winch­ester d) Caster­bridge 11) Which of the fol­low­ing sea crea­tures doesn’t have a brain? a) Oc­to­pus b) Starfish c) Squid d) Cap­tain Pug­wash 12) Which Ro­man god­dess is of­ten de­picted with an owl that sym­bol­ises knowl­edge? a) Juno b) Min­erva c) Diana d) Hed­wig

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by Jonty Clark

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