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Our ru­rally themed quiz and crossword.

1) What is the small­est

ro­dent in Europe?

a) Hazel Dor­mouse b) Har­vest Mouse c) Dan­ger Mouse d) Yel­low-Necked Mouse

2) What is the cor­rect term

used to de­scribe a group

of foxes?

a) Herd b) Punk c) Worry d) Skulk

3) Who re­ferred to

Novem­ber as “Blot­monath”

(month of blood)?

a) The An­glo-Sax­ons b) The Ro­mans c) The Labour Party d) The Vik­ings

4) In which book was writ­ten

the line, “Novem­ber is the

most dis­agree­able month

in the whole year”?

a) Win­nie the Pooh by AA Milne b) Lit­tle Women by Lou­sia May Al­cott c) Pride and Prej­u­dice by Jane Austen d) Coun­try­file Hand­book by John Craven

5) How heavy was the

UK’s largest pump­kin,

recorded in 2014?

a) 17 kg b) 643 kg c) 855 kg d) 1,624 kg

6) What is

Bri­tain’s small­est


a) Dor­mouse b) Pygmy Shrew c) Mi­cropig d) Vole

7) What false name did the

Guy Fawkes give to the men

who dis­cov­ered him un­der

the Houses of Par­lia­ment?

a) Jack John­son b) John John­son c) Jim John­son d) Boris John­son

8) Which parish church was

once ap­par­ently termed

the “fairest, goodli­est and

most fa­mous parish church

in Eng­land” by Queen


a) St Mary Red­cliffe, Bris­tol

b) St Barnabus, Di­b­ley c) St Ni­cholas, Not­ting­ham d) St Paul’s Cathe­dral, Lon­don

9) Which of th­ese

food­stuffs was orig­i­nally

made with quince?

a) Jam b) Chut­ney c) Mar­malade d) Chocolate

10) How many teeth does

the av­er­age gar­den snail


a) 1,000 b) 5,000 c) 8,000 d) 14,000

11) Which pop­u­lar sport

was banned by King Ed­ward

II in 1314?

a) Foot­ball b) Ten­nis c) Danc­ing d) Archery

12) Who fell out and started

fight­ing af­ter a com­plaint

about the qual­ity of the

drinks avail­able at the lo­cal

tav­ern in 1355?

a) A knight and the pub land­lord b) The lo­cal butcher and the lo­cal baker c) Ox­ford Univer­sity stu­dents and the lo­cal towns­folk d) Adam Hen­son and Tom Heap


1 Out of con­trol emu nudges fort on Hadrian’s Wall Path! (9)

6 Its coastal path runs be­tween Forth and Tay es­tu­ar­ies (4) 8 Go af­ter – understand? (6) 9 Bored? Run around a Herts vil­lage on Watling Street! (8) 10 Trust in folk­lore, Lyn­mouth (4) 11 Bullish guide? (5) 13 Be nosy about English quarry (4)

14 Traf­fic-free Devon vil­lage: 150 lovely rocks (8)

17 Fer­til­izer in flow­er­pot, a shame (6)

19 Shrop­shire hill – in Kew, sur­pris­ingly, sur­round­ing river! (6)

20 De­flects from a path – suf­fer­ing fate of French Revo­lu­tion vic­tims (5,3)

21 Thame­side pub­lic school re­turns pa­per money (4)

23 Spruce tree – pos­si­bly ask about it (5)

25 Brew­ing mix­ture mother ini­tially has drunk (4)

26 Fa­mous horse-shoe-shaped Dorset cove (8)

28 Some bar­ren net­tles used for cur­dling milk for cheese (6)

29 Breed of sheep from St Kilda – soya al­ter­na­tive! (4)

30 High­est point of White Peak – strange olden up­ris­ing (5,4)

DOWN 1 Dab­bling duck turns over shell (9) 2 Seabird on York­shire’s top small ravine (5)

3 De­pres­sive ten­den­cies of up­land tracts? (5)

4 A place for bloomer pro­duc­tion – N Sur­rey per­haps? (7)

5 Walker’s in the fir­ing line if on one of its ranges! (3) 6 Walk­ers’ ways (9) 7 Is­lands off Northum­ber­land coast, fa­mous for puffins (5)

12 An­i­mal wel­fare or­gan­i­sa­tion’s scrap pro­duc­tion (5)

15 Lincs LDP from Hum­ber­side to Rut­land – in the man­ner of Norse in­vader? (6,3)

16 Con­nects a golf club like Royal Birk­dale (5)

18 Mod­ern light­weight cloth­ing, like an egg laid by cal­ci­umd­e­fi­cient chicken? (4-5)

20 In­cu­bated some os­trich at Ched­dar (7)

22 Cor­nish Way mar­ket town sounds gen­uine at first (5) 24 Scot­tish isle in Barra now (5) 25 Bridge link­ing An­gle­sey to main­land needs males, first class! (5)

27 E Sus­sex town’s ce­real crop (3)

Guy Fawkes is in­ter­ro­gated af­ter his plot to blow up par­lia­ment had been foiled

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