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COUN­TRY­SIDE QUIZ 1) What has the Lake District most re­cently been granted?

a) Dark Sky Park sta­tus b) World Her­itage sta­tus c) Area of Out­stand­ing Nat­u­ral Beauty sta­tus

d) A pod of com­mon dol­phins

2) What is the birth flower for Novem­ber?

a) Rhododendron b) Chrysan­the­mum c) Hon­ey­suckle d) Daf­fodil

3) What is this moth, which flies in Novem­ber?

a) Feath­ered thorn b) Ele­phant hawk c) Cinnabar d) Jersey Tiger

4) Bon­fire Night, held an­nu­ally on 5 Novem­ber, marks a failed plot to kill which king?

a) Henry I b) Ed­ward I c) James I d) Charles I

5) How many fingers and toes do red squir­rels have?

a) Four fingers; four toes b) Five fingers; five toes c) Five fingers; four toes d) Four fingers; five toes

6) Who wrote “Novem­ber’s sky is chill and drear, Novem­ber’s leaf is red and sear”?

a) Wil­liam Shake­speare b) Wil­liam Wordsworth c) Sir Wal­ter Scott d) Sir Wal­ter Raleigh

7) DE­FRA is the De­part­ment for En­vi­ron­ment F_____ and Ru­ral Af­fairs. What does the ‘F’ stand for?

a) Farm­ing b) Fish­eries c) Food d) For­ag­ing

8) On 1 Novem­ber 1994, Louise Wal­lis es­tab­lished which world-wide event?

a) World Veg­e­tar­ian Day b) World Meat Day c) World An­i­mal Wel­fare Day d) World Ve­gan Day

9) What does the Latin word ‘Parva’ de­note when part of a place name (eg Glen Parva)?

a) Bridge b) New c) Small d) Pond

10) What is the av­er­age heart rate of a bat dur­ing hi­ber­na­tion, mea­sured via beats per minute (bpm)?

a) 1,000 b) 500 c) 50 d) 10

11) In a great storm on 27 Novem­ber, the first Ed­dy­s­tone Light­house off Plymouth was de­stroyed, killing six peo­ple. What was the year?

a) 1703 b) 1812 c) 1953 d) 1987

12) Roger Deakin’s idyl­lic farm fea­tured in the ti­tle of his book pub­lished in Novem­ber 2008. What was it called?

a) Wal­nut Tree Farm b) Yew Tree Farm c) Ch­est­nut Farm d) Oak Tree farm

13) How many mi­grant snipe join our res­i­dent UK pop­u­la­tion of ducks and waders?

a) 3,000 b) 60,000 c) One mil­lion d) 60 mil­lion

The land­scape of Lake District, pic­tured here at Ull­swa­ter, gar­ners many ac­co­lades – but what has the area most re­cently been awarded?

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