How do we keep our kids cool at school when the heat is on?

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I CAN’T stand peo­ple who com­plain when hot weather reaches the UK. They’d be the same type who’d grum­ble about hav­ing too much money af­ter a lot­tery win, or the pres­sures of fame af­ter get­ting to the X-Fac­tor fi­nal.

But I will give the moan­ers this: I’m glad it’s cooler this week. Try­ing to get kids ready for school when you wake up to a day like the in­side of a sauna adds an­other level of stress onto the morn­ings.

They wake up red faced and still groggy, be­fore tak­ing twice as long as usual to do their ablu­tions. Then there’s the bat­tle with the sun cream. It’s bad enough try­ing to get them smoth­ered in enough Fac­tor 50 to re­sem­ble an un­cooked chip when you’re on hol­i­day – and not un­der pres­sure for time.

When you’ve got to get three of them done be­fore 8am, it’s more of a chal­lenge. Try to go near a kid with a hand full of sun cream and they’ll wrig­gle, com­plain, scrunch up their noses and turn their head in any di­rec­tion but to­wards you.

You then have to think about ex­tra drinks for the day. My kids can be as de­hy­drated as a prune in a tum­ble dryer, but if they don’t have a glass RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, they’d never think to do any­thing about it, even if there’s a wa­ter foun­tain on the other side of the room.

So you have to send in a wa­ter bot­tle. This is prob­lem­atic in our house­hold be­cause my eight-year-old loses his ev­ery sin­gle day. At a cou­ple of pounds a throw this is a very ex­pen­sive habit; I’d spend less money on drinks for him if I took him to the pub for a ses­sion ev­ery night.

But the main rea­son I’m glad we’re back to slightly more lack­lus­tre tem­per­a­tures is that uni­forms aren’t ex­actly ideal

garb for kids when they’re try­ing to keep cool.

I see my 12-year-old am­ble out of school ev­ery af­ter­noon in his blazer and tie, a mas­sive holdall full of books over his shoul­der and it seems lu­di­crous that in the 21st cen­tury we’re so dread­ful at adapt­ing to ex­tremes of tem­per­a­ture in the UK.

I think the school boys from ISCA Acad­emy in Ex­eter had it right when, af­ter be­ing re­fused per­mis­sion to mod­ify their uni­form be­cause of the hot weather, they all turned up in skirts.

There will be some who think this is an­ar­chy. But, per­son­ally, if one of my sons did that I’d be cheer­ing from the side­lines… with a big ice lolly to hand.

Keep­ing cool should be a school rule

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