Spe­cial stitch – lazy daisy Step 1:

Craftseller - - Crochet It - Step 2: Step 3:

Draw the strand of yarn through to the front of the cro­chet fab­ric at the spot where you want to make the first daisy pe­tal. Make the strand into a loop and push the nee­dle back down through the fab­ric (from the front to the back) in the same spot as where the nee­dle was brought up through the fab­ric. Keep the loop shape as it is (don't pull it through to the back).

Next, keep­ing the loop shape the size that you want it to be when fin­ished, poke the nee­dle back up through the fab­ric at the loop end, on the in­side of the loop.

Cross­ing over the loop, push the nee­dle back down through the fab­ric close to the end of the loop (on the out­side of the loop, so that the nee­dle came up in­side the loop and is pushed back down out­side the loop to se­cure the loop in that spot).

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