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3ch, 1sl st in st at base of 3ch, * (1sl st, 3ch, 1sl st) in the next st, re­peat from * once more. Fas­ten off leav­ing a long yarn tail. Sew wings to sides of cuckoo with feath­ers fac­ing for­wards.

Tummy patch

Make one in white yarn. Start with 6dc into magic ring. 6sts. Fas­ten off, leav­ing a long yarn tail. Sew to front of body. Sew two round black beads for eyes. Cut a small tri­an­gle of yel­low felt and glue to face for beak. Glue the base of bird to mid­dle of top shelf.

Tall fir tree

Make one start­ing in mid green yarn and one start­ing in dark green yarn.

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