Round 9:

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(dc in the first 3sts, 2dc in the next st) re­peat to end. 30sts.

dc in each st to the end. 30sts. (dc2­tog, dc in the next 3sts) re­peat to end. 24sts.

(dc2­tog, dc in the next 2sts) re­peat to end. 18sts. Cut a small amount of self-ad­he­sive eye­lash and stick be­hind the flat part of the safety eye. Insert the safety eyes in be­tween rounds 8 and 9, spac­ing them 9sts apart.

(dc2­tog, dc in the next st) re­peat to end. 12sts. Stuff the head.

(dc2­tog) re­peat to end. 6sts. Fas­ten off, leav­ing a long yarn tail. Thread the

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