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Make one start­ing in black yarn. Start with 8dc into magic ring. 8sts.

BLO dc in each st to the end. 8sts. Change to yel­low yarn.

dc in each st to the end. 8sts. Change to black yarn. dc in each st to the end. 8sts. dc2­tog to end. 4sts. Fas­ten off, leav­ing a long yarn tail. Stuff lantern. Thread the tail onto a yarn nee­dle and weave through the last four stitches. Pull tight to close the hole. With black yarn sew four ver­ti­cal stitches, evenly spaced, around the yel­low part of the lantern. Sew a fi­nal length of black yarn hor­i­zon­tally around the mid­dle of the yel­low part. Fold a 20cm (8in) length of pipe cleaner in half and twist to­gether. Bind the pipe cleaner with a length of black yarn, se­cur­ing the ends with a lit­tle glue. Use su­per glue to stick the lantern to the end of the pipe cleaner and bend the end over. Glue the mid­dle of the pole to the dark green mouse's hand and glue the base of the pole to the side of the foot. You can sew th­ese parts to the mouse if pre­ferred.

Choir sheets

Use the tem­plates on page 98 to cut out the front and back of the choir sheets and glue to­gether with a glue stick. Use su­per glue to at­tach the sheets to the hands, to fin­ish.

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