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“I first dis­cov­ered thread snips

when I was work­ing in New

York four years ago and I’ve

barely gone a day with­out

us­ing them since. I use them

mainly for snip­ping small

threads and for prun­ing my

pom poms and clouds. They’re

so much eas­ier to use than

scis­sors when you’re cut­ting

threads ev­ery two min­utes.

It may seem really lazy, but

hav­ing scis­sors that you don’t

have to put your fin­gers in to

use is such a time saver and

so much eas­ier.

to be neat and trimmed

per­fectly, and big­ger

fab­ric scis­sors just can’t

get into the cor­ners or

per­fectly prune a pom.

My only com­plaint is

when I mis­lay them, I

waste pre­cious sec­onds

look­ing for them, but I’m

work­ing on that!”

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