Cross Stitch Crazy - - Chart Request -

AFGHAN – a woollen blan­ket or rug with ar­eas for cross stitch­ing

AIDA – the most com­mon cross stitch­ing fab­ric, made up of blocks of weave

AIDA BAND – a strip of aida with a dec­o­ra­tive edge, used to adorn tow­els, book­marks, etc. Comes in var­i­ous widths

APER­TURE – the space through which a de­sign is shown (mainly on cards and in frames)

BEAD­ING NEE­DLE – a long, fine nee­dle that slides eas­ily through seed and bu­gle beads

DE­SIGN AREA – the mea­sure­ment of the fin­ished de­sign, depend­ing on the count of fab­ric used

EVEN­WEAVE – fab­ric made from evenly-spaced wo­ven threads. It’s softer and more flex­i­ble than aida

FAB­RIC COUNT – the num­ber of holes per inch on your fab­ric. The higher the num­ber, the finer the fab­ric is

FAB­RIC SIZE – the size of fab­ric needed for the de­sign, in­clud­ing al­lowance for fram­ing

FRAC­TIONAL STITCH – stitches made from a quar­ter or three­quar­ters of a cross stitch

HALF STITCH – the first arm of the cross. Used to give a less dense stitch to lighter ar­eas

HOOP – a plas­tic or wooden frame that holds your fab­ric taut while you stitch on it

JO­BELAN – a spe­cific type of even­weave fab­ric

KEY – a list of all the threads and stitches used in a de­sign, and their re­spec­tive chart sym­bols

LONG STITCH – long back­stitches that ex­tend over larger ar­eas of the fab­ric, to de­pict sky or grass etc

PER­FO­RATED PA­PER – tough­ened pa­per, per­fo­rated with tiny holes

PE­TIT POINT – tiny stitches, one quar­ter the size of a cross stitch, for de­tailed ar­eas of stitch­ing

PLAS­TIC CAN­VAS – a plas­tic al­ter­na­tive to fab­ric, ideal for mak­ing dec­o­ra­tions and book­marks

SAM­PLER – tra­di­tional stitch­ing, demon­strat­ing a va­ri­ety of stitches

SATIN THREADS – silky threads that add a sub­tle sheen

SKEIN – an 8m length of stranded cot­ton, di­vis­i­ble into six strands

STITCH COUNT – the num­ber of stitches (ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal) that make up a de­sign

STITCH­ING OVER TWO – term used to de­scribe stitch­ing over two threads on even­weave fab­ric

WAD­DING – pad­ding used to add depth to stitch­ing when it’s mounted in­side cards

WASTE CAN­VAS – loosely wo­ven fab­ric, held to­gether with sol­u­ble glue. Of­ten used to add de­signs to clothes and softer fab­rics

WHOLE STITCH – a com­plete cross stitch as op­posed to half, quar­ter and three-quar­ter stitches

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