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Af­ter read­ing is­sue 148 of I thought it would be best brought to bring your at­ten­tion to the po­ten­tial haz­ards of re­lo­cat­ing the PSU mount and con­nec­tions in your PC’s case. While the in­struc­tions pro­vided were clear to an ex­tent, I no­ticed that p107 in­structed read­ers on how to in­cor­rectly con­nect a fe­male IEC socket. Nat­u­rally, most peo­ple at­tempt­ing this task would solder or (more suit­ably) use a spade con­nec­tion to the pins on the back of the socket, fol­lowed by sheath­ing in an ad­he­sive-lined heat­shrink­able sleev­ing.

The pic­ture does ap­pear to show the flex twisted around the pins with a lib­er­ally ap­plied sheath of in­su­la­tion tape to sup­port th­ese con­nec­tions, and no hint of the ap­pli­ca­tion of solder or crimped on spade con­nec­tions. One can ar­gue that this method of con­nec­tion isn’t suit­able for the task at hand and, more to the point, po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous – chuck a couple of AMD Fury X cards in that rig and that con­nec­tion could be see­ing a fair few amps flow­ing through it. YOUR FRIENDLY ELEC­TRI­CIAN, MATTHEW VOISEY

Antony: Hi Matthew, thanks for let­ting us know the er­ror of our ways and offering some ex­pert ad­vice! We’ll be re­vis­it­ing this part of the guide in our next is­sue with some re­vised steps, us­ing your ad­vice about spade con­nec­tions and heat­shrink in­su­la­tion sleev­ing. If any­one is think­ing of con­duct­ing that mod, we ad­vise hold­ing off un­til Is­sue 150 be­fore do­ing so.

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