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Mea­sur­ing barely larger than a pair of AA bat­ter­ies and tip­ping the scales at a mere 20g, the PulsePak is one of the tini­est ex­ter­nal bat­ter­ies we’ve seen. Cos­seted away in­side the tough plas­tic shell is a 500mAh cell – that’s enough, PulsePak claims, to pro­vide a two-hour charge to a mod­ern smart­phone.

That charge is hardly go­ing to make a dent in a week­end at a fes­ti­val, but in an emer­gency, an ex­tra two hours of talk or screen time could be a life­saver. In test­ing, the PulsePak de­liv­ered too, adding an ex­tra hour and 45 min­utes of brows­ing time to a Nexus 6, al­beit with the screen bright­ness turned down. The frag­ile con­nec­tor can also be re­tracted back into the case, pre­vent­ing it from get­ting bashed. At £13, it’s an ideal stock­ing filler for any­one prone to run­ning their phone bat­tery down to 0%.

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