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The speed score is taken from a weighted break­down of the per­for­mance tests. Crys­talDiskMark ac­counts for 20 per cent of this score (with a heav­ier weight­ing on low-queue-depth re­sults), while 70 per cent of it is al­lo­cated to the PCMark 7, PCMark 8 and BootRacer real world tests, as they’re the most rel­e­vant for ev­ery­day use. The fi­nal 10 per cent comes from Iome­ter, as the sus­tained high-queue depth work­loads are only ap­pli­ca­ble to the most hard­core pro­fes­sional and work­sta­tion users. The pound per gi­ga­byte (£/GB) score is then based on the pric­ing at the time of writ­ing over the ac­ces­si­ble for­mat­ted ca­pac­ity, while the bang per buck score is es­sen­tially a ra­tio of the speed and £/GB met­rics.

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