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Af­ter many years stuck in the CPU dol­drums, AMD has fi­nally made a tri­umphant break­out with Ryzen 7, but can its new Ryzen 5 chips re­ally take on the might of In­tel’s ubiq­ui­tous Kaby Lake CPUs? We thought it was about time we found out, re­sult­ing in our first mid-range CPU Labs test for a long time. In this is­sue, we’ve pitched In­tel’s K-se­ries Kaby Lake pro­ces­sors against AMD’s new Ryzen 5 CPUs, cov­er­ing dual-core, quad-core and 6-core CPUs at a va­ri­ety of clock speeds.

Can the dual-core Core i3 still com­pete at its price? Is the Core i7-7700K still the go-to gam­ing chip? Has AMD ef­fec­tively just risen up and burned all the com­pe­ti­tion for a laugh? The truth, as ever, is a lit­tle com­pli­cated, but you’ll find the full story on p40, where our Labs test pushes all the chips with a va­ri­ety of tasks, in­clud­ing games, im­age edit­ing, video en­cod­ing and 3D ren­der­ing, to find which ones of­fer the best bang per buck.

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